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Influencée par la culture anglo-saxonne (des Beatles à Bowie), ainsi que par sa formation classique, formée au conservatoire d’Anvers en en Belgique, GRAZZIA GIU a trouvé sa voie dans le jazz.

Grazzia a longuement et sérieusement pratiqué le piano classique (avec Mr Cholé, conservatoire de Grenoble), l’étude harmonique jazz (avec Danmuller, Grenoble), le chant lyrique (avec Antonio Placer et Magali Lozano) et fait des masterclass jazz (avec Roger Letson, David Linx, Thierry Péala, Michel Hendrix, Edurardo Lopes, Médric Collignon , Noma Winsto...)

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Influenced by Anglo-Saxon pop music culture (from The Beatles to Bowie) and by classical music training at the conservatoire of Antwerp, Belgium, GG fuses these influences to create her own personal musical flavor.

She took part in various master classes animated by David Linx, Thierry Péala, Michelle Hendrix, Roger Letson, and Eduardo Lopez.

As an author, composer and singer, Grazzia explores with finesse, nostalgic, optimistic and intimism themes.

Grazzia often chooses to write in English (for the musicality the English language provides) but she sometimes writes in French.

Before ‘Pretend’ Grazzia Giu recorded three self-produced albums: Keep Searching, Lost and Change Air (published by Plaza Mayor Company).

GG has a wide stage experience, from Jazz clubs, competitions to concert halls.

Her fourth album ‘Pretend’ is officially released in October 2013.She has composed written all the songs and sings accompanied by the musicians : Andy Barron, Dominique Dipiazza and Lionel Melot ..

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